Introducing Website Manager

Essential Tools for Managing Your Website


Protect your website with off-site backups.

SEO Rankings

Monitor multiple keywords and how they rank.


Track your websites uptime and downtime.


Monitor your online Woocommerce store in one central place each month.


Get insight into what is happening with your website performance.


Get notified if any of your website files become infected.


Get notifications of what work was done and which software was updated.


Get insight into what amounts of traffic are visiting your website.

Pro Suggestions

Our team will let you know if we spot anything that needs your attention.

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Everything you need to automate your workflow

Our Monthly Service is an executive summary of your website. Just by looking at it, you will become extremely knowledgeable of your website as a whole. You can stop using multiple services and individuals to generate reports for your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply go to the product page for the Website Report, and then select with “add-ons” you want added to your report.

If your website is showing poor performance scores, you can order our WordPress Optimization service.

Yes! In the unlikely event you get hacked, simply purchase a website restore.

To start, you will be able to track 25 Keywords. The maximum amount allowed is 100 Keywords.

Yes! Each Keyword tracked needs a location, so where you want to monitor your rankings is totally up to you.

The major difference is really straight forward. If your website gets attacked, all files (including backups) are vulnerable. Our backups are kept off-site in a secure location, where they are never vulnerable.

Who Benefits from Our Report?

E-commerce Websites

Directory Websites

Education Websites

Wholesale Websites

Blog Websites

Events Websites

Marijuana Websites

Medical Websites

Music Websites

Community Websites

Brochure Websites

Landing Pages

Technology Websites

Auction Websites

Entertainment Websites

Non-profit Websites

One Page Websites

Creative Websites