Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus

Start Selling Your Products Online!

If your business has been impacted by the Coronavirus, and consumers are not visiting your location, you need to get your products online ASAP. We can help you build an online store so that you can remain open for business, regardless of the economic situation you’re dealing with. An online Store is always open for business!

GoDaddy Store

$500Build Fee
  • 5 Products
  • Responsive Desktop & Mobile Theme
  • Homepage, Shop, About, and Contact
  • Terms, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy
  • Basic Shipping Setup
  • Basic Taxes Setup
  • Square, Stripe, or PayPal
  • Requires 1 Year of GoDaddy Product
  • View Sample Store

WordPress Store

$3,000Build Fee
Top Seller
  • 10 Products
  • Responsive Premium WordPress Theme
  • Installation of Woocommerce and configuration
  • Installation of WordPress Plugins
  • Website Security Included
  • SEO Tool Included
  • Requires 1 Year of GoDaddy Product
  • Worry FREE! We design and develop your website
  • Home, About, FAQ, Blog, and Contact
  • Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions
  • Products Used: Avada Classic Shop and WooCommerce
  • View Sample Store
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Please send all inquiries and questions to or book a time to speak here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you order a GoDaddy Online Store, simply log into your GoDaddy account and select the store there. If you order a WordPress Online Store, simply add “wp-admin” to the end of your website URL and you’ll be taken to the admin side of your store.

For instructions on adding or editing products for your GoDaddy Online Store, click here. For instructions on adding or editing products for your WordPress Online Store, click here.

Yes! Simply follow the instructions mentioned in FAQ 2 to learn how to do it!

Yes! If you get stuck and need help, simply visit our website and submit a support ticket.

The base price to build your GoDaddy online store is only $500. You will be required to purchase the online store from Chandler Web Pro, in order to receive our discounted fee. For customers who want more flexible options, you can choose our WordPress Online Store, which starts at $3,000.

If you order the GoDaddy Online Store, you’ll find the tools to be quite easy to learn and manage. If you choose the WordPress Online Store, the learning curve is higher, but with time and dedication, you’ll be able to master it!